Meet Your 2013 Executive
Stuart Clark
Stuart is a third year politics and economics student at Queen’s University. Hailing from Caledon, Ontario, Stuart has spent his university life campaigning for the PC Party and the Conservative Party of Canada both on and off Ontario’s campuses.

As president of the Queen’s University Conservative Association, Stuart presided over the growth and expansion of the club following the successful ousting of the Anti-Israel Rector of Queen’s University and the defunding of the leftist fringe group OPIRG, on campus. He a recipient of the Tom Long Award from OPCCA for Principled Dedication to the Conservative Cause and his leadership of the Queen’s Conservatives led them to receive the Peter Naglik Award for Best Campus Club.

A devoted partisan and ideologue, Stuart has worked as a PC intern working with the Leader’s Office on Media Relations and Communications. He also campaigned throughout the 2012 Kitchener-Waterloo by-election. He is also a member of the current OPCCA executive serving as the Election Readiness Director and has been one of the key minds behind the new OPCCA and OPCYA plan in place for the next election.

Stuart lives and breathes campus politics and activism—in his second year of university, as leader of the NOPIRG campaign, Stuart and a highly motivated set of volunteers defunded and exorcised the radicle Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) from the Queen’s Campus. He also founded and chaired Queen’s Students for Accountability, Fairness and Equity (QSAFE), a fiscal responsibility and ethics group designed to publicly hold the Queen’s student government to task on fiscal issues.

As President of OPCCA, Stuart brings his trademark determination and work ethic to the team. He believes in the value of political activism as strongly as he believes that free markets and free people are the path to prosperity and he’s ready to bring these convictions to OPCCA and its campus clubs.

Alanna Newman
Vice President
ALANNA is a second year student at the University of Toronto where she studies International Relations and Political Science. Born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Alanna has helped in several Scarborough area ridings, and recent by-elections. Presently Alanna is the Director of Recruitment for OPCYA, the President of the Scarborough-Guildwood PC Youth Association, a member of both her federal and provincial EDAs and the 2nd Year Representative for the University of Toronto Campus Conservatives.

Alanna is as passionate about public policy as she is partisan politics. She has been a Manning Centre intern at the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies in Halifax, Nova Scotia and an AIMS on Campus Student Fellow, and a CJPAC Student Fellow. Additionally, Alanna is the President and Founder of Girls in Government and Leadership (GiGL)—a group dedicated to getting young women in high school excited about politics, government, and leadership.

Alanna is no stranger to environments hostile to Conservatives. Outraged that her student fees were funding anti-Canadian remarks on the U of T campus, she published articles condemning her student union and their actions, and calling for all student fees to operate on an opt-in basis.

Alanna brings a wealth of information, a deep passion for conservative principles, and extensive on-campus experience to the table. She believes that an OPCCA that will be effective in changing the rhetoric on campus, and making school a friendlier place for those who value free thoughts, free markets, and the opportunity to succeed.

Matthew Gregory
MATTHEW is a second year politics student at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. He has worked extensively with the Federal Conservative Party since grade school and has been vigorously involved with youth development in his riding.

Matthew became involved with the PC Party during his first year at Wilfrid Laurier University and has continued to stay involved by both working with his PC candidate in Pickering-Scarborough East and is a founding member and inaugural President of the Scarborough Conservatives. He concurrently holds the position of Membership Director for the OPCYA and President of the Pickering-Scarborough East Conservative Youth.

On his campus, Matthew helped take over the Laurier Student Public Interest Research Group (LSPIRG) with the Laurier Campus Conservatives and successfully declawed the organization. In Scarborough, he has continued his activism--setting his sights on the corrupt UTSC student government.

Matthew knows the importance of keeping campus members informed and included, to help familiarize new members with the workings of the PC party--making for stronger clubs, more effective activists and a better OPCCA. Matthew brings his determination and political skill to the executive team and he’s ready to build a better, more active OPCCA.

Vanesa Chipi
Membership and Recruitment
VANESA is a fourth year Political Science major with a concentration in Public Affairs and Policy Analysis at Carleton. Vanessa grew up in the GTA area, spending most of her time in Brampton.

Vanessa is an avid campus activist. Not only has she represented Carleton University in various leadership roles on campus--from being a Frosh Week facilitator, student ambassador, Residence Fellow, and an Undergraduate T.A., but she currently sits on her student council as one of the few conservatives to do so. During her tenure, Vanessa has ensured that principles of free speech and academic freedom for all students are upheld.

She is also an active member of the Carleton Conservatives, Love of Liberty Society, the Firearms Association of Carleton University, and Students for Liberty. She's bold, unapologetically conservative and is always ready for debate.

Vanesa has also earned her stripes in party politics: she has volunteered for the office of Parm Gill; took on Ruby Dhalla in 2011; campaigned for Mitt Romney; and, in the summer, worked as a Program and Communications Analyst for the Department of Canadian Heritage. She is currently in the process of setting up the Brampton-Springdale PCYA.

Vanesa has a record that is grounded in conservative ideas, convictions, and principles and she’s more than ready to apply it.

Kelby Miles
KELBY is a fourth year international relations and public policy student at McMaster University in Hamilton. He hails from the small town of Uxbridge, in the conservative stronghold of Durham.

Kelby is heavily involved in his campus club where he serves as the Executive Vice-President. During his time with the McMaster Conservative Association, he was involved in the development of the club's online and strategic planning document for the following academic year which helped guide the club’s growth and development over the school year.

Aside from campus activism, Kelby has volunteered his time to assist conservative candidates running in provincial and federal elections. He has experience working in the trenches, going door-to-door to promote a candidate's message, as well as working directly with the candidate to advance the campaign's goals.

In addition to his campus and practical experience, Kelby completed an internship at the communications firm, Navigator Ltd. He was responsible for constructing a variety of communications products, and gained important insights into the world of public affairs, communications, and government relations. He has the campaign and communication experience to be an asset to OPCCA--and he's ready to get the job done.

Michael Kryworuk
MICHAEL is a third year student in the Aubrey Dan Program in Management and Organizational Studies at the University of Western Ontario. Michael has been a member of the Western University Conservatives throughout his university career and now serves as President of the entire club.

Originally from London, Michael has worked on campaigns for conservative candidates since 2007. In the summer of 2011, he had the privilege to intern in the office of the Honourable Gary Goodyear, working in communications. Michael is currently sits on both Conservative EDAs in London West as the Director of Policy where he has organized citywide policy forums to help contribute to the platforms of both parties.

On campus, as the VP Finance of the Western University Conservatives, Michael was integral in the implementation of his campus club’s fundraising strategy which raised over $3,000 dollars in its first year. He is also in charge of managing the clubs finances—artfully keeping the Western Tories in the black.

Michael brings his strong fiscal conservatism and experience in fundraising OPCCA and is committed to a more active organization in on and off Ontario campus.

Kanivanan Chinniah
Campus Activism
KANIVANAN is a third year economics major at Queen's University, Kingston. Hailing from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Kanivanan has carried the PC banner across provincial lines helping both the Nova Scotia Tories and Tim Hudak's PCs.

Kanivanan became involved in the PC Party of Ontario during his second year at Queen's University where he rose to the position of Secretary-Treasurer under Stuart Clark's presidency. Besides campus politics, he also is a member of the Queen's Debating Union and Queen's Students for Liberty.

Kanivanan is a dedicated campus activist. He was part of the referendum campaign to defund OPIRG Kingston at Queen's University and was instrumental in planning the NOPIRG campaign's ground game. He currently sits on the board of directors on a right-wing activism organization on campus and has been a thorn in the side of the Queen's student government.

Kanivanan knows that this team has the experience and wherewithal to energize, mobilize and attract more people into OPCCA by boldly charting an honest and unapologetic conservative message.

Fezzy Azadi
FEZZY is a first year politics student at York's Glendon Campus. She was born in Yorkshire, however has spent most her life in Canada. Fluently trilingual, Fezzy is perfectly versed in French, English and Persian.

Highly involved with her campus club, Fezzy has served as both the first year and social media director on the Glendon executive--now occupying the position of Secretary for the coming school year. She has played a key role in strengthening the Glendon Conservatives by bolstering their online presence and by attracting new first-year members to the club.

Fezzy has also dived into the realm of campus activism--standing for election to the Glendon student government, which is hostile to conservatives. Outside of campus and political life, she has a proven record of leadership with her time as President at her high school model United Nations and as coordinator at a Community Centre for underprivileged kids. Fezzy is also part of the marketing and sales department for the largest Iranian festival (Tirgan) in the world.

Fezzy is excited to serve as OPCCA's Director of Training. She will carry her professionalism, trademark initiative and fresh experience to the benefit of all campus clubs.

Ali Yousef
ALI is a politics and economics student at the University of Windsor. Ali hails from Toledo, Ohio and has spent most of his life in Windsor, Ontario.

Ali is a passionate conservative activist. He has contributed to multiple political campaigns and is vigorously involved with the University of Windsor Conservative Association where he has served as the Director of Communications. Ali is also an active member of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Youth Association as the Southwestern Regional Vice President.

Ali has been politically involved since the age of sixteen and has drawn political inspiration from the works of Frederic Bastiat, Rose Wilder Lane, Ayn Rand, F.A Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, and Milton Friedman. An avid reader and policy wonk, Ali thrives on political debate, discussion and the exchange of ideas. Off campus, Ali has applied his skills as the communications director and sales manager at Ahmed Wholesale. He is also director of development and training for Hurricane Training and director of operations for Moe’s Transport, coordinating cross-border shipping traffic across the Ambassador Bridge.

Ali is excited to serve as OPCCA's Policy Director. He is ready to devote his time and experience gained in the private sector and applied on campus to uphold genuine conservative principles. Ali is committed to standing up for students and youth alike, who will ultimately inherit the calamitous state of the economy.

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